Home sickness is transforming into housing fever. Could Ini and her husband live in only 39 m2 after living in 200 m2 for 20 years? Was the grass greener on the other side? This time inside the city? The city that 30 years ago Ini had said she will never live in. Is it going to be a big mistake, or an opportunity of a life time? If she only had a chrystal ball. Ini’s stomach is turning upside down. At the same time there are a million butterflies inside her.

A dear friend send her a link today. She got immediate housing fever. She has been writing and waffled about wanting to live in a place where there is action, people, flowers, restaurants, small shops, the sea and culture. My god, how can somebody be describing a flat for sale with her own words. She is reading the add over and over again. Her eyes are glued to the pictures on her computer screen. She is already decorating the place with dark hues. She is making morning coffee for herself and her husband. She is saying this rocks!

In a walking distance there is a marketplace, library, theatres, opera, the sea, music hall, bakery, small cafes, restaurants, good transportation to all directions, metro, busses, tram…. There is even a FIRE PLACE in this tiny tiny flat! Windows are overlooking a beautiful park with a childrens playground. She can already see her own grand children playing there in the sunlight.She already has two of them and one is going to be born in November. She if feeling happy and free. She will teach them all about the city life.


Her fingers are dialing the number. Hello, I’m calling for the housing advertisement you had in the web. Is it still for sale? The old lady on the other end smiles on the phone and says yes. She has already had several inquiries. She had promised for somebody else to show it first, but if they will not take it, she will be happy to show it on Saturday. Then she starts to tell her story. How she has lived in this house for a long long time and has loved it so much. After one and half hours they finish the call.

Ini sends the link to her husband. Could he like it too?  He does! After he comes home they go to see the area. They walk around the neighborhood where the flat stands steady and dignified. They both like the environment. If this is not for us, then it is the destiny.

Anyway they are now more certain that Helsinki could be their next home town.




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