DRINKING & EATING – Vegan & Gluten Free


Last night Ini and her husband had visitors. They headed to Kallio, Helsinki for dinner. Area reminds them a little bit of what you can experience in Malasana, Madrid. Small restaurants, shops and parks. Bohemian people, who seem to be layed back and lively at the same time. Local people and local prices. You can hop on tram number 3 or 9 and you will get there in 15 minutes from the Centre of Helsinki.

First stop was Sivukirjasto Bar, near Karhu Park, where you can get sparkling wine for 3.50 €. Where in Central Helsinki you pay close to 10 €, or even more. Ini likes wine, red or sparkling. Her husband prefers beer, so this place is a good one to satisfy both.The quests liked it too. Also it is Ini’s sisters daughters favorite bar in Kallio. It seems to be nice for young and the old.


If you visit there maybe you could write a postcard to your friend in the afternoon sun (if sun shines in Helsinki).


There is an interesting vintage coffee bar close by called Bear Park Cafe. It was closed yesterday evening, but luckily Ini has been there before with a mobile camera in hand.

Bear Park

Bear Park2

In this place you can get a vegan and gluten free sandwich. By the way, if you try to visit there, maybe give them a call first. It seems that they are open when ever they feel like it! They make good coffee cortado. It is a place that has rainbow colors, and lot’s of stuff to look around (if you like vintage).

Bear Park 3

It was time to head for dinner, and the choice was Sandron, via Line 3. (Kolmas linja).

Here you can get vegetarian and gluten free food. To make sure they have space, make a reservation. You can find an other Sandron in Eira, Helsinki.


First time Ini and her husband visited there was no table space immediately, they had to wait a while. Ini asked the owner how many times she needs to visit there to get their cookbook. To her surprise he gave the book with his signature.

So Ini leaves you today with this thought:

If you want something, always ask, do not just wonder!










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