Yesterday was a home sickness day. Searching inside her soul Ini found out that the sick feeling was her current home in Helsinki. She loves colors, flowers and great food. Her core value in life is beauty. Beauty in environment and beauty in people. She knows that there is no perfection in life, so do not understand her wrong. Beauty can sometimes be ugly as well.

When ever there is too long time of sickness Ini starts looking for answers, and inspiration outside her own micro world.

She went outside. She went for a long walk and took a ride in a tram. Around Helsinki. She took photos to help her see things. The tram she chose was the Koff tram, where you can also have a drink, if you like. She had a class of wine. Strange thing, Koff tram had a wine made of Syrah grapes, her favorite. Helsinki is an odd place. You can have a drink almost in every place.


She looked at the passing streets and talked to herself. Asked if there is too much going on, too little going on, or is everything in balance? She is more than ever looking for this balance. The same way nature is living of rain and the sun.

She talked with her husband. He is on the same journey, asking where to live next. One thing they know, they want to be together.


By the end of the tram ride Ini was not home sick anymore. She knew that where ever they are together, that’s were the home can be build. With flowers, colours, food, children, grand children and friends.

By the sea, lake or river.





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