Is it HELSINKI? – becoming homesick.


It has now been a bit more than a month since moving to Helsinki.


Ini is starting to become a little bit of homesick. It suddenly happened in the morning when she woke up. Albeit yesterday evening, when she had such a lovely time riding a bike around Helsinki coast line with her husband. She had not believed him that it is possible to ride a bike from Vallila to Hernesaari. Not stopping even once at a traffic light. Fantastic, it is possible! Helsinki is becoming more and more interesting by the day. So, what is this feeling inside? First time in her life she is feeling homesick in any place on earth.

They visited Löyly the new and fancy restaurant at the coastline.


Löyly was a nice surprise. The view to the sea was tantalizing. This is what she wants! View to the see, lake or river, culture, restaurants, cafes and people around.

There was a nice stop over where she saw a fancy old Wendy house. Something she had not seen before. It would be nice for her grandchildren, but she knows it is quite impossible to build in their own back yard. She even might not have a back yard anymore. Autch!



Her husband just called on his way back from his office. It is time to bike more around this new living environment. Let’s see if she can get rid of her home sickness.






Osallistun mielelläni kanssasi keskusteluun, joten älä epäröi jättää viestiä.

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