Three real estate companies have now valued the house. Decision has been made. It is time to move on. Papers will be signed either tonight or tomorrow.

Suddenly all memories burst in Ini’s mind. The house has been so wonderful. She starts taking pictures of a 20 year journey. Every piece of furniture, every splash of paint, they all tell a story of a happy family of five.


Now somebody else will have the opportunity to grow in this Feng Shui home.


Will they be playing the piano. Will they have children? Do they like to entertain? That Ini will not know. What she does know is that this house will take good care of who ever lives there next. They will have plenty of room to experience the time of their lifes.

She looks outside. Is it going to rain? Tears roll down on her cheeks. She is so happy. She is so sad.


One era of her life will now permanently be gone.




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