For 20 years she has lived in aronia heaven. She has been there without knowing it. Every fall she has looked at the beautiful dark berries thinking how great color they have. These berries grow everywhere in her hometown. She has had them in her back yard, at her finger tips, in flower arrangements, but she has never before used them for any kind of dish. What a shame, since these berries are divine.

Aronia deco

Getting out of stillness consists of trying and doing every day something new, so it was time to bake an aronia dessert. Risky, but the only thing that would happen is loosing her time of stillness, and a few ingredients.

It was worth it. She got totally hooked! It was soooo good. This aronia berry has a cheery, perky, bitter sweet taste. And the color is directly suitable for somebody who has switched over to the dark side.

Now this is what Ini did and you should too. It is an easy lovely desert.

Aronia no cream

ARONIA DIVINE , Gluten Free and Vegan

Cover a cake mold with greaseproof paper. Wash a bowl of apples and aronia berries. Slice the apples and put them in a baking mold together with aronia berries.


On the top spread about 1.5 dl of brown sugar.


Sprinkle in about 0.5 dl coconut four.


Next pour in about 2 dl buckwheat or oatmeal flakes. Spread evenly with your fingers. Add in cinnamon for your taste.


Slice margarine (about 100 g) (or butter if you are not vegan) and spread evenly on the top. Last you spread a small amount of brown sugar to give color.


Bake in 180 C oven for about 25 – 30 minutes. Until on top it is nice brown color. Switch the oven off and open slightly the oven door. Leave the pie in the oven for an other 30 minutes.

Aronia from oven

You can eat it just like that.

Aronia no cream

Ini served it with vanilla cream.

Aronia with cream

She wanted to know how the others liked it, so she asked her husband what he thinks. It was him, who said this is totally DIVINE!

P.S. If you want more aronia recipes you should check Deep Roots at Home. Ini definitely will try more. And for your info, she could not wait to have an other cup for today’s breakfast. She is still hooked for more!


Vuoraa kakkuvuoka leivinpaperilla. Pese kulhollinen omenoita ja aroniamarjoja. Lohko omenat ja laita vuokaan marjojen kera. Ripottele päälle 0.5 dl kookosjauhoja, joiden päälle ripottele n. 2 dl joko tattari- tai kauraryynejä ja makusi mukaan kanelia. Tasoita sormilla tasaiseksi pinnaksi. Seuraavaksi lisää 1 dl fariinisokeria, jonka päälle levitä tasainen kerros kasvismargariinia (noin 100 g) tai jos et ole vegaani voit käyttää voita. Lopuksi ripottele päälle vielä fariinisokeria, jotta saat kauniin värin kakun pintaan sen paistuessa uunissa. Paista 180 C uunissa noin 25 – 30 minuuttia. Kunnes kauniin ruskea pinta. Avaan uuninluukku hieman ja jätä paistos uuniin vielä 30 minuutiksi. Tarjoa lämpimänä sellaisenaan tai kookoskermavaahdon, vaniljakastikkeen tai vaniljajäätelön kera.







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