She wondered in the house of stillness.


There had been an attempt to live in Helsinki. Now it seemed so so long ago.

Is she stuck in this house for ever? Will she find out what to work on next? Is there anything more left for her than being a wife, lover and a grand mother?

My god – there has to be! She felt belts tightening around her guts.


She knows how to sell, market, lead, coach, design, cook, bake, clean, care, decorate, arrange parties, and so much more. But! She still wonders what she is here for? Is she loosing her grip and her mind?

Down earth creepy! All she had ever wanted was to really live an exiting and full life. Like her idol Peppi showed her when she was young. Travel the seas, fly in the skies, jump on beds. Paint the house pink! She suddenly realized she had done all that and much much more.


Should she put on her classes and search in the ”things” box? Should she read more books and blogs? Maybe even see a srink!


She felt she is a star to be born again and again. She got bored so easily. Two years in a job was perfect. Would she ever find something she would be doing for the rest of her life?


She lived in a universe that was ticking afternoon hours. Her own movie was half way done. It had been directed by herself and others. Who will direct the next seen?



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