Being allergic and atopic since baby is a rouch road. You can’t help but learn to survive and enjoy life regardless of limited diet, with lots of food related and environmental restrictions. This accumulated knowledge needs to be shared with all who are in the same situations. Thats why this blog excisted first in Finnish since 2015 and starting 2019 is little by little being translated to English.

All recipes are without wheat, rye, oats, barley, nuts, celery, pineapple and many other foods, which Helena is allergic to. Since May 3, 2017 she found out to also being allergic to corn, millet, red food color, pumpkin seed, pine seed, cyan seed and millet meal. Serious allergic reaction she can get of soy so Epipen is always in the handbag.

Some of the recipes are yeast and refined sugar free because many people try to avoid them. Occasionally you find raw cakes and other raw foods in this blog.

Helena is passionate in creating very difficult recipes to anyone who has food restrictions regardless of the reason. She volunteer works as an allergy counselor, and helps other allergic, asthmatic and skin-problematic people. In addition, she started and hosts two Facebook groups the FoodRestricted in English and RuokaRajoitteiset in Finnsih and volunteers to help other people with food constraints. Join a nice community of people with foodrestritions, and many kind-hearted volunteers.

Welcome to share the passion for a delicious life for those who have food restrictions!

Under the Copyright Act, recipes, pictures, texts and videos are Helena’s property, so they are not to be copied without her permission.

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