How To Get Out of Stillness?


This blog started in March, 2015. Previous year I had made a decision to run down my businesses in Finland. Those past 12 years had been marvelous, but it is time to do something else.

It took several months to work on the shutdown. Now I could write a book on what to do, and what not to do, in building, and in running down a business in Finland. But, it is not my time to do that.

By fall 2016 all was shorted out, and completely done.

Enough is enough, like Saara Aalto sings! Its raining, its pouring……after all these years, no sun shine, no moonlight, no star dust …… and we won’t waist an other day…. if you have had enough, don’t put up, don’t you do it!

Saara really put it right in her X-Factor performance last night. She did it, and I’m so glad for her. She is no more an invisible successor in Finland. Way to go Saara! She is now a successor from London.


  1. Create your day in advance by using the law off attraction.
  2. Start dreaming where you want to be, and write down what you want to become!
  3. Tell yourself that dreams are free, and they are available for everyone in this universe. Agree with yourself that you can have as big, and as many dreams as you dare to dream about. See it in your eyes, and in your brain, daily.
  4. Start making plans, even if you do not have the finances for it.
  5. Start talking about it to yourself, and to others.
  6. Ask for it daily. Ask, ask, ask! It will be delivered to you. Be ready to receive, what you asked for.
  7. Act and say YES to stuff that you dream about!
  8. Practice how to be on a good mood, since good mood brings happy and good instances to you.
  9. Take time to be still, since out of stillness comes action, and dreams can be born.
  10. Don’t put up, don’t you dare – take action!

It took me one year to change my life from an entrepreneur to an adventurer. To the person I had been 30 years ago. Tomorrow I will start my journey.

I thank my readers for being with me during these 9 months. The baby is born!

One of my dreams in March 2016 was to become a blogger. As I look at my blogging statistics today I can say that the first dream goal has been reached. I have had 17 897 page views and 10 553 visitors. Just two weeks ago the visitors were less than 5000. Thank you, thank you, thank you for visiting my blog!

My plane will take off Finland tomorrow morning to the South part of Spain, where my skin can heal. I will have a good friend with me, so I’m not alone. My love will come and visit me, he is my greatest support!

As soon as I can find a good place to write more, and bake more, I will write about it. It is now one of my dream missions. To help online, or at person, anyone who is struggling with allergies, ichthyosis and celiac disease.

In just nine months I was Out of Stillness – you can do it too!





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