A while back I made a posting in which I sent a message to the universe to send happy circumstances, people and instances on my path, so I could turn a new page in my life. Today it suddenly occurred to me! Was this why that job add was popping up on my  laptop, iPad and phone screens? Could this job add be a message from the universe?

I did some breakfast from weekend left overs, and gave it a bit more thought.

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Then I went to their web pages. Somebody mentioned that everybody in the office had left their gloomy attitude behind. You could work any place you liked, it was an online job.

Now that sounds great! I want happy, not gloomy people, online work and the sun for my skin!

Well there was only one more way to find out, if this job could be mine. To call them and ask more. Now it is done. Job applied, and let’s see what happens. Will I be working in a sunny place soon?

Have you seen the movie Yes Man? It is not a new film, but I had not seen it. I watched it last weekend together with my daughter. Here is the official trial.

It is funny how our subconscious works. Maybe I have been a no woman too much this year. I have in purpose said no to many things to enable the stillness, but now it is time to change. Let me try this yes woman attitude, and see where it will lead me. From today on, I will start using yes. Makes me a bit nervous, but what the heck. We live once.

Would you dare to say yes to everything?

Before finishing this posting there came a question to me via WhatsApp. ”If we have a Spanish lesson on this coming Thursday evening, would you be able to attend?”

Guess what I answered?


Guess what language they speak in the country of this new job opportunity land? – Spanish!



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