3rd or 1st person? Need your help!


There is a arm wrestling going on. I have been writing this blog since March 2016, and used a 3rd person Ini. Ini is my nickname from childhood. It has been fun to write her story, but actually I have been writing everything that is going on in my current mind and life.

Please help me to choose, and please give your comments below! Is it in your opinion nicer to read a blog that is written in 1st or 3rd person?

The reason I’m asking is that it would be nice to start a real dialog with other bloggers, and I’m noticing that I get a lot of likes and page visitors all around the World. But no comments. I am wondering if the writing in 3rd person is the reason?




Osallistun mielelläni kanssasi keskusteluun, joten älä epäröi jättää viestiä.

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