Yesterday Ini posted her sweet potato spagetti recipe to Gluten, Grain and Sugar Free London Face book group.

She got this reply: Looks great! For strict SCDers, pls remember that sweet potato is not legal. Always check all ingredients for complicity before consuming.

What! Sweet potato is not allowed for SCD? What an earth is SCD! She quickly did a search on the Web, and found out that there really is this kind of diet. She even found an illegal/legal list. Check it out here.

As Ini started to read what was legal and what was not she got amazed! More than 20 years ago she had been a patient at a Finnish hospital where they did severe allergy tests for her. About 40 different substances were found in her diet that she was allergic to. She also had allergy based astma. All grains were eliminated from her diet, to mention some. Since then she has been on grain free diet, and that is the reason in this blog there are so many grain free recipes. Ini’s immune system was at that time so messed up.

After the grain free diet her skin had become better, but not completely. About 4 years ago Ini started a sugar free diet. During that 1.5 years she felt completely healthy. Skin looked good and there was lot of energy in her.


She had lost 14 kg. Now 3 years with allowing sugar in her diet again her skin is in bad condition.

Three days ago she made a decision to quit sugar again. Already 1 kg is gone and skin is starting to feel better.

Is this a coincidence or not?

Since she has been thinkin so much about sugar free diets, the law of attraction is leading her to this Gluten, Grain and Sugar Free London Face book pages to show her that there is now a list she can use to make her life easier.

Ini shouts out ´JIHUU´, finally a list!

WHEN SHE LOOKED AT THE ILLEGAL LIST, it was similar to the list of her 40 different allergies list!

Many times Ini has been thinking that 10 000 years ago when people started to inhabit Finland they did not eat what they eat today. They ate fish, wild animals, berries and mushrooms. Stuff you can find in the woods, lakes and rivers. She had never been allergic to those. Also what is interesting is that the recent gene study puts Finns completely in a different group with other Europeans, since Finns have been so isolated from other European inhabitants. We have lots of allergies in Finland, and Ini is pretty sure that this SCD diet could be the cure for many!

So thank you London Gluten, grain and sugar free face book group person, whom ever you are!




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