HOW TO QUIT SUGAR, first steps to 10 years younger.


It is the fourth time Ini is quitting sugar. She has a huge urge to get back on track, where she left off three years ago. This means that she has to reinvent most of her recipes, again!

She had looked like an average, little bit chubby, 52 year old woman. Her weight had been 64 kilos, feeling really heavy. She is only 153 cm, so it was just too much for her to carry. She had used number 40 clothes, hiding her body from herself and others. She had not felt sexy, but luckily her husband ”was blind”.


She had searched the web and found this lady and her book.

And after 10 weeks she had looked like this.


Life was great! She felt amazing to herself. She had lost 10 kilos, her skin was in perfect condition and she could wear number 34 trousers. Menopausal hot flushes were gone. She had gained back her own desire for – you know what.

She had been good to herself for 1.5 years. But then busy coaching, one bakery and a coffee shop later, she looks again like in the first picture! Maybe not quite, but she will get there, if she continues to eat everything that transforms from sugar into fat in her body. Most important thing is that her skin has started to have dryness and go septic again. Living without sugar was much better, but a bit more complicated.

Ini is a woman of action. The first thing is to go to the kitchen and empty the cabinets. Anything that relates to sugar in the house will go to trash! If not, she will eventually put it in her mouth.


All products that had lots of carbohydrates and bad fats had to go. Stuff like:

  • sugar and processed white flours and grains
  • fats like margarine and non virgin oils
  • starch flowers like corn starch and potato starch

This is what she was going to live and make food with:

  • virgin oils
  • whole grain flowers made of buckwheat, millet, rice and quinoa
  • she needed to drink more water 1.98 liters per day
  • she could have juice (without sugar), green tea, parsley, red beats, onions, garlic, sweet potato, dates, raisins, beans, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, cloud berries, red-white and black currants, cranberries, broccoli, linseeds, flax seeds, tofu, watermelon, lemon, lime, coconut flakes, parsley, chicken, fish and basil
  • if she wanted to have sweet, it had to be 85% pure chocolate or dates or figs in small amounts
  • she had to start eating regularly breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • she could not fry her food, but luckily she could bake

Wish her luck this time. If you want to be in her support team, please leave her an encouraging comment below.

You could also share your own story how you started to live a better and healthier life? She would be very happy for any new advice so she will not fail again.







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