SURPRISE WINE, COLUMBIA CREST, Merlot, Vegan & Gluten Free


Again Ini is sending messages to the universe to bring her auspicious luck to find her next place soon. She knows that way she will move away from her current house. It is just a matter of time. Yesterday she had applied for an interesting temporary job. Temporary engagements suit her in her current life situation the best. So hear her universe, send her that job or something even better. Apace!

In the evening one of her long time colleagues came to visit overnight. Ini had not seen her for a while. They had a great night. Sipping red wine, listening to Nina Simone and remembering how and what interesting things had happbened to them. How they had loved to coach together. The fine old times!

When she left her house she said to Ini ´I leave you now, so you can write your blog. That way I will have something more to read, when getting back home.´ This was the first time someone had asked her to write! Ini was so happy that her friend was reading her stories. It was a way to be in connection – even when apart.

This made Ini think could she write something about her friend? Yes she could. Something did come to her mind. She could write what kind of scent she relates to her from yesterday.

Her friend had brought a bottle of red wine to Ini as a souvenir. They usually chose shiraz, malbeck or temperanillo. They loved their unbuttoned evenings with wines that had full body and lot’s of jam and aroma. This time her friend had chosen a merlot. A  Columbia Crest wine from Columbia Valley, Washington. She said it had been a great found during a trip to Tallin.

FullSizeRender (12)

So today Ini has a memory of her friend being rich and aromatic. They both love chocolate, so no wonder this wine was to their liking. The wine had complex flavors of flowers and chocolate and a nice smooth velvety finish. Ini thought that was so representational to her friend as well. When ever they parted it left Ini with a smooth and velvety memory of being with her.

It is so true that of nine important areas of life: family, wealth, fame, love, creativity, self improvement, career, health and friendship the friendship is the one that lasts. When ever you have that velvety finish to remember. You can´t wait to have more!


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