She was still messed up. She did not know what she wanted, but she had to say it aloud first. That was her duty. She knew that if she was not sound and clear what she wants, the law of attraction could not work for her. That was the game of life and how to play it. That had been her way to make magic in life.

She had been sending mixed signals to the universe. Therefore, there could not have been desired results. She had wanted to be still. She had stopped the clocks. There was no more ticking.


Could she – for the first time in her life – be still for longer period than a few months? Just wonder around without knowing what to do, possess, devote, give and dedicate to. For what and whom to help next? She had purposely messed up a valued, coal oriented, money driven, modern life.

She was starting to feel slight joy. Was this the bravest thing she had ever done? No, she had done this before. She had left her home very young.  At the age of 14 she had already travelled the seas.

She was starting to feel the beginning of her next game. She did not mean meditation nor mind fullness or any kind of particular diet. For those she had tried and they had not worked for long.

She quickly went to her study and pulled out a roll of paper, that had been hidden in her closet for six years.

FullSizeRender (12)


She was free to do anything she wanted for the rest of her life. Time to leave behind everything she had gathered around and now was stuck with. To go back to her roots and travel the seas. It was time to play one of her new favorite songs.

The song made it even more clear. She knew that was her game of karma now. Time to kick ass and leave the city – maybe even Finland for good!

She knew that if she sees and sends a clear signal to the universe it will not be long when her first trip and opportunity will show up. The next step was to trust the universe and believe it will deliver what she wanted. So here me universe, for Ini wants to leave Finland, travel and find out where her next home will be. So please universe, send her way happy circumstances, people and instances so she can pick what she now knows she wants.









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