It is unusually early in the morning. Ini loves her morning sleep. She does not know why she woke up so early, but anyway she is at her laptop writing about what she thinks is the most important decorating rule. To start with she (as many times before) checked what Abigail Ahern has to say about decorating rules. She is a big fan of her. Here is Abigail’s list: Harmony, balance, ying and yang, focus and flow. Ini can’t agree more. During her two years of feng shui studies all of these were the core of good environment and human body. After 500 hundred consultations this is still true. Inside a person and outside a person. If you do not have harmony, balance, opposities, focus and flow in your life, you are off for an unhealthy body. Same applies to an enviroment where one spents time.


But what is the number 1 interior decorating aspect for Ini? It is the life situation in relation to the environment. In a nut shell, let’s explain Ini’s life situation. Ini lives in a house that she has built with her husband 20 years ago to raise 3 children. She is now a grand mother of 2 and soon to be 3. She has a job that she wants to change, house she wants to sell, and a husband she wants to keep.


No matter how nice she will decorate the house she is not happy with the life in it, since it does not suit her life situation. She needs a rapid change. Getting rid of everything that keeps her in the house and the old job. She needs to add to her environment a rapid flow. Everything possible that will take her out the door, and closer to what she wants to be next. That way she is getting out of stillness.

So #1 interior decorating rule for Ini is:

Decorate to bring what you really want in your life! Decorate to be!


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