Ini has been working together with a real estate representative Antti Okker to get the house ready for sale. She needed good pictures of the house. Antti suggested that they use company called Zentuvo.  Ini agreed, and a date for photoshoot was suggested. Few hours after, she received a confirmation for the photo shoot, and an excellent video how to style the house for photos. Even if you do not understand Finnish, you can easily follow the video. Since our English speaking readers won’t understand it, Ini made an English list of the important points to do before the photo session.

Outside the house

  1. Drive the car to the garage.
  2. Take any laundry, bikes, trollies, boats, garden hose, toys, tools and garbage away from the yard.
  3. Clean the driveway and garden from trash.
  4. Tidy any plants in the potteries.
  5. Cut the grass and clean any leaves from the yard.
  6. Take the removable grill away.
  7. See that the garden is clean and tidy.

Inside the house

  1. Hide any cleaning utensils.
  2. Clean the cabinets and fridge of any magnets and notes.
  3. Remove the excess electric machines.
  4. Put out clean towels.
  5. If you have pets, remove any signs of them.
  6. Clean out any magazines and personal belongings.
  7. Change candles to new ones.
  8. Change any broken lamps and remove any other broken things.
  9. Vacuum and clean the floors.
  10. Straighten pictures on the walls.
  11. Tidy rooms, beds and remove excess pillows.
  12. Tidy toilets and lay down the toilet seat cover.
  13. Let the sun shine into the rooms.
  14. Light the fire place and candles just before the photo shoot (in case the sun does not shine enough into the rooms).

It is fantastic how this Zentuvo works. First photo shooting did not accumulate enough good pictures, so Antti and Ini suggested them a second shooting. Same process began, and the result was more than 20 good pictures of the house. Ini can warmly recommend them. The instructions were suggestions. You decide yourself if Ini did it right.

Welcome to a tour of hopefully soon to be our ex house!

Here is the link to the sales add after the styling job was done.



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