It is a cloudy Monday in Helsinki. Ini slept until 11 AM, and the first thing in her mind was the sweet potato banana cake she made yesterday and posted the picture in social media. There were 312 likes and more dropped in all the time.

She quickly went to the bathroom and noticed being slimmer today than yesterday. Was it the cinnamon or lemon in the cake, or that only one class of wine went down yesterday. Other thing she noticed was that her stomach did not hurt at all. Yesterday’s menu was therefore a good one.

Opening the fridge gave a smile to her tranquil face, the cake looked as good as yesterday.

Bataattibanaani next day

The structure did not suffer at all in the cold. She picked it up and cut a piece, smaller than yesterday, since the cake was very fulfilling. Other thing she noticed was that when rewhipping the coconut-lemon cream it ended up more fluffy, and better in structure than yesterday. She decided that next time it is better to keep it in the fridge for a while so she can get a better looking result.


She finished the other piece of the cake and put the other back in the fridge. She wants to keep track on what she eats, since she tries to look good and be healthy when reaching 80. Maybe it is time to quit on sugar again. She evaluated the cake. Major tastes were cinnamon, banana and lemon. Sweet potato she could not taste. Maybe she should try to bake a similar one and leave out the banana. It could also end up even more chees cake like.

Who could she invite to her house to eat the cake? She was now in Helsinki and had no friends there. She called to her sister, maybe she is in Helsinki today, and could come for afternoon coffee. No, she was not. She did pick up the phone, but was busy in office work in Espoo, and wanted to end the call quickly. Her comment to Ini was ”Do not bake!” How could she not bake, it was her passion. It is either to find someone to eat the cakes or then make them smaller. Just for two, herself and her husband.



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