This moring in Facebook somebody posted a link to an article about how you should get away from a person that is poisoning your mind. The same applies to our physical environments. We sould either get away or change our surroundings if we do not feel good at any particular space.

The tricky part is that we get used to what we see, hear, smell and taste. The same way we get used to poisonous people. Easier said than done!


Ini has lived in a house that she build with her husband 20 years ago. The house has been a wonderful place to bring up three daughters. There has been numerous parties in this home with family and friends. House has good memories and has served well. Ini loves to decorate and has redesigned the house many times ower. Latest change is painting the living room and the entry dark blue.


Dark hues fits Ini and her husband very well at this point of life, where they need to dig deep in their souls trying to figure out if they want to stay in the house or not. House is too large to take care and too empty after the children moved away. It also needs paining outside and redoing the sauna and bathrooms.

Is it time to give it to the children or is it time to sell it?  So difficult decision since it feels so much like home.

Last posting you learned that Ini has moved temporarily to Helsinki in a flat to take distance from the house and grandparent duties. One of the her children and her family temporarily lives in their house.

If you look at the picture above you see that Ini is not a minimalist. If you look at the picture below (taken from the Helsinki flat) you see that it is very minimalist in decoration. Not a space where she would feel good for a long period of time. But it is a good place to see if Helsinki would be the place to move in and how it would feel to live in a flat.


Are you planning for a major change in your environment and life?

If yes, Ini suggests that rent a temporary home! You start figuring out what you really want.

One thing is sure at this point. Ini wants a place that has a nice view from the windows. Inside and out! She also wants a place where there is a walking distance to the sea, lake or river and lots of culture. She wants a place with nice cafes and restaurants. She wants a place where she can feel free and alive! She is getting out of stillness. You can too!



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