When looking at the cover photo there is stillness.


Stillness of memories of years and lives of different people. Memories are still side of the life. You can’t do much about it anymore. You can try to rewrite the memory, but the original is there. Memories are seen differently by different individuals, but still they are still – untouchable thoughts.

Remodelling a furniture somehow brings the stillness alive as in the red chair that we did with my brother two summers ago. He painted the metal parts and helped me to attach the furry fabric. Now the chair is in the new still side, memories of light summer days spent with my brother.

FullSizeRender (1)

There are layers of memories in the chair. Days spent in my mothers home and the time it spent in my grand papas house. Then it traveled a long journey from Kuusamo to Järvenpää to be remodeled. Why it travelled? Because we were looking for furniture to a pop-up cafe. When looking at the chair now, it has a Lolipop Vintage Café  memory attached to it. Also the tranquil time spent in Madrid with Tuija and Tiina. Such lovely days and memories between friends.

Now it is a chair that our grand children like to sit on, since it spinns as they sit at the dinner table. Funny thing is that we have two of these chairs and two grand children. Both can have their red spinning memory maker now.

Today will be a memory maker too so let’s make it an interesting one!

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