If you are interested in decorating, bear with me today. This article is mostly about me, myself and I. I know people are usually interested in themselves so probably I’m writing this to myself. If you stick with me, you will learn more who is writing this blog.

So, this morning I took some pictures of glass and other reflections of our living space. When I look at our home I see reflections of who live in this house and who we associate with. Since I do most of the decorating here, I see a lot of me.

I see others too, since all our stuff has a story behind it. If you look at your house you will see your story.

Main colour in our living room is now dark. I’m not depressed, quite the opposite. Actually I have been depressed in my life in 5 minute intervalls. It does not take longer than that. Depression is not my thing, I was born optimist. This dark colour is good one to discover who you are. It is very calming and at the same time inspiring. Sparkle it with reds, oranges, pinks, whites and greens together with chrystals, and the game of life starts.

Buy the way, The Game of Life and How to Play it, is one of my favorite books. It was written in the 1920ties by Florence Scovel Shinn, way before the Secret came out.


There is a lot more to be seen. Coca Cola bottle she got as a present. Coca Cola serves best left in a bottle. Somebody is avoiding sugar, but not always succeeding.

There are flowers with white delicate touch that she needed last week for making herself feel better after quitting a job she had had only for two weeks. This was my shortest try out for a job. I have been an entrepreneur for 12 years training and supervising business managers, other entrepreneurs and their staff. It is time to move on. Get out of stillness.

Flowers and dark wall

Let’s look at more pictures.

Below is a reflection of our supermama lamp. She is in our house temporarily. It belongs to somebody else. When supermama was brought to our living room I told Hannele (HUPSU resain) that I bet after the lamp has been in our house a while somebody will become breaknant. Well, after a few weeks, I got news that someone really is. I will not reveal yet, who it is.

Believe or not we attract things that we think and put around us. If you want something in your life, start decorating your home towards what you want. Do not live in the past, unless you want to attract the past in your life. This is what the game of life is all about and you should really play it to your advantage. That way you can also help others.


Decorating, styling, reading and writing are things that I’m passionate about. Add in traveling, friends and family along with workaholism, that is me. I’m in the process of  getting out of stillness. I have been still and quiet about my urge to decorate. Only the closest family and friends know this. I have been doing fengshui for more than 10 years in many homes and offices as a part time profession. Last year I even build and designed a vintage coffee shop. It is time for me to get out to the world and do more what I love.


This picture tells about a woman who is my daughters friends mother. Some of her sofas are in our house and we sleep in her old bed. When she moved back from the US we gave her a starting kit for house and after she moved back she gave all her furniture to our daughter. They did not all fit in her flat so we took some. I love this sofa, since you can put it in three separate pieces or you can put them together. Our grand daughter loves to jump on them. They bounce nicely. Both our grand children love to sit on the one behind the table.

Malesian tray, Party light candle holder frame, and Valintatalo round silver candle holder are put together with some stones. If forms beautiful shadows in the night. When I go to sauna, I take this with me. Love how it glows in the dark. We do not use electric lights in our sauna, they ruin the authentic sauna spirit and feeling.


Let me end this morning with a picture of our fire place door. In decorating I love how surfaces and things reflect light, shadow and us. Now I and you know a little bit more who we are.



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