Today was a busy day helping our daughter to move. Relaxing in my favorite arm chair and enjoying the rest of the evening. Since I have now converted to the dark side I’m thinking what goes dark next. The new navy blue walls look great and the ceilings will be painted the same hue. Here it is still white and I’m wondering how will the shadows from the lamps look against the dark ceiling hue.


I have added lots of layers in this space and am wondering if it is getting too much. New arrival is our old round Ikea table. It matches the shadow that is formed to the ceiling and the Madrid lamp. Together they triangle.


An other new layer is the picture of Jean Sibelius behind the statues. This picture was drawn by Inna-Maria Eerikäinen. She is a young Finnish artist from whom you can order these drawings. She can be found here.


Well, it was a busy day and now it is time to rest.




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