Ini knows that inside drama is best achieved by adding all kinds of light and shadow sources. Here are pictures of some of her favorite settings.

This is the evening entertainment spot along a glass of good Bin555.

Lamppu 6

Many times people forget the corners. Here Ini has a small film eddition lamp from Madrid, Spain. Along side with an I Ching number 48 picture that she made in Malasana. It was in the same store she saw these lamps and had to import them to Finland.

Lamppu 4

Adding pictures is an other way to change drama. Here Ini is feeling of lightness and private eyes of Marilyn.

Lamppu 1

In this picture you see her recent buy that was delivered from Madrid. If you are interested in ordering this kind of lamps, send Ini a message.

Lamppu 5

Ini designed her grand son’s bedroom with reading spot in the evening for Spider man and other stories.

Lennun huone

Super mama with her super cool hand bag says hello to her in the living room.

dark side 1

Women power and budda.

Lamppu 7

Window paper lights are now available also for summer time. She enjoys them all year round.


Ini thinks candle lights in the evening are the best kind to down shift a day. It has a red tone and brain gets a message to rest, where as morning light is blue and it is the light energy that wakes our brain.


Here in Ini’s living room the walls are dark adding extra drama to the room and the lights are focal points of the room.

Lamppu 3




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