During the weekend I had an opportunity to decorate a 4.5 year old boys room. He is in the left in the picture. When he said WOW! I knew the job was a success.

This brings me into the lesson I learned studying feng shui. We all have different energies that we need, we all have different life situations we are in. Very important is to listen to our children what they need around them. When they get it they say WOW!

During the years there have been many children´s rooms that I have styled. When the job starts I interview the child first, then the parents. You can even interview a child who does not talk yet. They will express with their face and reach out to the colors they like. They will reach out to the toys they like ect. When we have what we like around us we feel comfortable.

Children need space to play and at the year 4.5 they usually have accumulated lots of toys that they do not play with anymore.

As for adults the same for kids, it is difficult to let go old stuff. It is important for parents to keep their children´s rooms up to date with children´s development.

Here how the room looked when we started. First we put all the toys in boxes and carried away the sofa and table + two small chairs. He is now too big to use that table and chairs anyway.

Lennun huone 1

This little boy has an obsession for Spiderman and he feels he himself is a hero, so he had lots of Spiderman toys and we added a new picture of a Spiderman on the wall. The wall color was picked of the Spiderman blue. He picked a dark shade and we went with it.

Now the room looks a lot bigger too, since the dark colors make rooms appear larger. He wanted a wallpaper of New York, since Spiderman does his job there. So we found a great one from eBay. I picked the one that suited a small child (not scary) and also will suit an adult taste. So he will be happy with the picture for a long time. We agreed that it is a great picture to add Spiderman removable stickers, so he can also play with the picture.

He has a bed looking like a formula car. So picking the wall paper I wanted something that will suit his bed. It worked great and now the bed looks like it is part of the picture. An other thing that happened was that now the bed does not dominate the room anymore. It actually looks smaller.

Lennun huone






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