In 1997 when my mother was visiting us we started our garden together. She has what we call in Finland ”a green thumb”. She can make everything grow beautifully and with ease.

She says windows in our houses are our eyes to the outside world. When you start planning your garden you start it from the inside of the house. Wow! I had never thought about it before. Now 20 years has passed and I understand her completely.

In feng shui it is also very important what you have outside of your home. Deep feng shui planning starts thinking how good are the energies outside your house. What you have there brings the good or bad energy inside with you. You plan your garden so that you get positive flow of good energy from outside to inside of your house.


Together with my mother we planted a green three outside our living room window. You see it in above picture. In 20 years there has been a need to cut it lower many times, so it does not become too big. If it does it blogs the sun from the inside. In the winter it  is pretty with Christmas lights to be seen from inside too.

Here is an other example of how trees can be used.


In front of the house we have several of these same trees. They need to be trimmed, so that they do not grow too tall and blog the good chi coming to the house. They are like welcoming ”guards” in front of our house.

I love these window lights. Thank you Hannele for bringing me two and letting me know that now we can enjoy these kinds of lights all year around, not only at winter. This one looks like the sun.

Here is a picture at night of the same window light.


Beautiful reflections to the walls and window! Other benefit is that it blogs the view from the outside and there is no need for curtains.

This is an other lesson from my mother:

”If you have a well designed garden you do not need curtains. You can let the positive energy inside and still feel private”.





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