Books are decorative adding colour and shape to a room. It is a message that someone is probably reading in the house, or that books are valued by the person, who did the decorating. Books are a great small talk starter too!  I love them and must have them around.

Since Pinterest become available there are so many more beautiful and exiting pictures you can search for inspiration and make your own boards. Love that too!

My all time favorite design books are written by Tricia Guild, Alice Westgate and Abigail Ahern:


All three have beautiful home decoration ideas and pictures, but more important to me is that they are written so inspiringly, that I keep coming back to them all the time.

Let’s see what we can find in Pinterest by their names:

Alice Westgate’s name brought only one pin. So I have to stick to the book and not give it away yet. Here is the cover of her book in Finnish:


She has a new book named The Complete Color Directory and you find it here.

Tricia Quild’s name brought a lot of the pictures that I have seen in five of her books that I have, and lots of more beautiful pictures and links. So many that I have started an Ini Design Pinterest board to follow her. I think Tricia has great eye for colour and shape. She is able to design country houses to castles. Always looking fresh and close to the nature. I have many of her books and here is the first one I bought many years ago:


One of her newer books is called Colors, Patterns and Space and you find it here.

Abigail Ahern’s name similarly brought a lot of the pictures from her books. She gives me the inspiration to experiment more and more with dark hues and out of the ordinary accessories inside houses. You guessed right! I have started an Ini Design Pinterest board for her too. Here is the book I have:


and I ordered last week one of her newer books Colour. Can’t wait, but must!

So which one is it for me RESTING WITH BOOKS (BOOKREST) OR RESTING WITH PINTEREST???? I will stick to both!



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