Scaling makes living in spaces exciting. Energy is scaling from dawn to mid day until sun sets in the evening. In the nature you see different sizes of shadows at different times of the day. We have small pits of sand and huge mountains. Everything in between earth and the sky are different in scale.

Same applies to decorating our spaces. We need to scale and decorate our space with furniture and accessories that are of different scales and heights. We need to add dimensions with scale, light and shadow.

This week I started a styling job where the first thing was to add layers to the rooms and scale. My client did not buy anything new. There are plenty of fantastic stuff in the house, but it needs to be put in the right spot.

Below you see one area what I started with.

eri korkeuksia 1

The table and the statues are almost the same height and the result is flat. The space is also yelling for more details and dimension.

korkeuksia 2

Now the tree rises the energy higher and also adds light to the entrance area. It is very unexpected to see this kind of decoration inside the house. Usually these lights are outside the house. If you dare, this is what makes spaces exciting. Something you do not to expect to see inside the house.

eri korkeuksia 3

I noticed that there are lots of bottles and bar items in the house. So I created a mini bar to this living room area. Mini bars add glamor and again, the size is completely different to the tree you saw before. Inside the mini bar you need to think of scaling again. Flying eagle is here the unexpected detail along with the face mask.

An other area I started with was the top of the piano. Below a picture before the scaling. Quite flat and boring!

piano 1

Here you see what cool items I found again.

piano 2

Scaling, scaling, and again scaling. Here the unexpected detail is the lisence plate from Pennsylvania.

I had so much fun in this home this week. Can’t wait to continue the job next month.





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