Tables, chairs, beds, dishes, carpets, art, pillows, clothing and all kinds of creatures that are each day waiting for you to take care of them. Maybe they are even asking you to talk to them or tell them stories. Let’s put it in an other way around. You have them and they have a story to tell you. They know who you are and why you live in your home.

The more stuff you have the more stories and life situations there are around you.

Walk to each piece and start asking:

What do I have to do with you dear? Why do you live with me? Do you help me in my family relations? Are you here to give me a feeling of wealth? Do you make me famous? Are you giving me love and a good relationship? Are you here to enable me to be creative? Are you my best friend? Am I developing myself with you? Are you making me healthy?

Now when you have done this asking you know who lives in your home.


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