Many times I’m asked, why it is so nice to have parties in our house. There are two major things that come to my mind immediately. First is that there are people who want to be collective in a group. The second fact is that there are those who want to be together, but keep their own private space.

How can we relate this into decorating our spaces so that both kinds feel comfortable?

If you look at the picture you see that there are about ten places to sit down, and different kinds of seats. In between the seats there are two low tables. This helps for instance the Finns find a sitting place where they can be individualistic. We need at least 50 cm space around us to feel comfortable.

The coffee table and the small footstool are low. It does not form a barrier between the people, but instead creates security. If the table was higher, it would put a barrier between the conversation.

Most people love a fireplace or a campfire. The big candlestick resembles campfire. Fire is an element that brings light, shadow, heat and also is on the move. This gently moving light helps people to talk or sit still. There is a focus point for everybody.


If you come from a collective culture this kind of arrangement is very appealing, since the seating already suggest that a group of people can be having fun together. If most of us are known to be collective I would remove the candlestick, so there would not be any ”barriers” between us. I would do the same, if we all are intentionally starting a workshop, or a dialogue where everybody needs to see and hear one an other very well.

You also may notice that there is one small sofa for two, for those that like to be close. One divan sofa, where one can stretch legs, and be very relaxed. Also present is one other sofa that can seat two, but is still not a big sofa taking space.

For those that really need their private space very alluring might be the plum colored armchair. You can sink in it and feel like being in a nest or that you have arms around you.

olohuoneen luumu tuoli

There is one more major thing – there is no TV in this room. TV usually spoils the party, unless we all want to watch it together.




Osallistun mielelläni kanssasi keskusteluun, joten älä epäröi jättää viestiä.

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