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Have I not found my style? This question was asked from me 20 years ago, since I was changing the colors and themes of my home very frequently. No, I have not, and I do not want to? That would be boring.

How about you? Are you living in a flow of different life situations and have the urge to change your interior all the time?  We do change our clothes, don’t we? Our environment is part of our outer clothes. What is around us ties us in a web of energies. Good decorating is more about who you are right now? Put on the clothes you wore 20 years ago and see how you feel. Do they fit you? Does it make you feel you want to be in the past? It is the same with your home? Do you want to be in the past, present or future?

Wow, lot’s of questions this morning while I’m sipping my breakfast. We are having a fengshui evening tonight. Good reason to clean the house a bit, and look around our home and see how well it fits.



  1. Itsellä ainakin oma sisustus vaihtelee ja jatkuvasti haluan lisätä jotain tai päästää irti vanhasta. Vähän aika sitten myin suuren osan vaatteistani kirpputorilla ja huomasin että tunnen olevani paljon tyylikkäämpi kun omistan vähemmän vaatteita? Mikä liene siinä syynä? 😊



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