Decorating is all about your mind mixed with your surroundings. You can read your environment and notice what is happening in your mind. Our mind is partly created ourselves and partly by others and the universe. It is very important to decorate mindfully. Thinking! Is this getting me where I’m going and who I want to become? Since nothing stays still. If you try to stop the energy flowing, you will eventually start loosing your strength.

This blog started after I had opened my mind. But first I had to be still. Past three months, no actually four months, I have been emptying my mind of the things that do not belong there anymore. I have let go of many things. What happens when you let go and open your mind? Nature in you takes its course and starts filling your mind with new things, since mind is a never stopping organ.

Very interestingly found a shopping bag at home that said exactly that. Open your mind. I did and it became a pillow case!

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