Supermama at night

Today had a wonderful visit to pick up a HUPSU lamp. This lamp is called the Supermama. She wares high heals and has a superman handbag. In her hat lives small animals and creatures of all kind. She loves shade red, since it is a source of high energy, a color of happines. She has traveled in many places. She started her journey at the Habitare Fair in Helsinki couple of years ago. She has been around in few stores after that, because she is a Supermama.

During the pick-up two real life Supermamas and one Superpapa had a cup of tea and a cup of coffee. Hours went by in tranquility discussing about doing nothing, being still, and about energies that exist in this universe. About our current politics and where the world is heading. How will the education change and who is caring for our children to grow up well to ever more rapidly changing world. During lazy days you can just talk and agree that the World is never still, it is constantly just moving.

Osallistun mielelläni kanssasi keskusteluun, joten älä epäröi jättää viestiä.

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